St. Francis is a healthy parish, filled with many programs that reflect the power of the Holy Spirit. While our people make this a truly unique and special place of worship, St. Francis Church does not run itself—and so we must be responsible stewards of our talent and treasure. Here are some facts and figures that help to tell the story of our parish home.

franciscans-say Bill Rachal

Giving Committee

Bill Rachal-178Bill – Vienna

quote-left-green The Giving (stewardship) Committee’s role is to educate and communicate with our parishioners and tell them how their gifts of time, talent, and treasure benefit the St. Francis community and the lives of many in our region and around the world. The Giving Committee, in coordination with parish leadership, also encourages hands-on participation and engagement in church activities, including outreach.

I have a stronger bond with our parish because of working side-by-side with other Franciscans in service. This has spurred me to greater giving of my time and money, and the same is true for other Franciscans who give generously. I enjoy being on the committee and having the opportunity to highlight the great things that our parish is doing. quote-right-green



Cathryn-178Cathryn – Great Falls

quote-left-green Serving as treasurer of St Francis, and especially being a person without a professional background in accounting, business or finance, I was always amazed at how the budget came together and was agreed upon relatively effortlessly.  It was always clear that regardless of whatever challenges we faced, including downturns in the economy or unexpected expenses, we were able to work in harmony to achieve the common goals of supporting outreach, mission and ministry while still maintaining financial security for St. Francis Church. quote-right-green

Rick Entsminger


Rick Entsminger-178Rick – Ashburn

quote-left-green We are blessed to be able to operate with nearly $600,000 in operating income, along with more than $100,000 in designated income. With reserves and the beginnings of a healthy endowment, we have a measure of stability that should allow for a strong transition to a new rector and positive path forward. Franciscans have always demonstrated an ability and willingness to step up when challenged with extraordinary needs or opportunities. I fully expect that we will continue to commit the gifts of time, talent, and treasure needed to support our mission. quote-right-green

2014 Budgeted Expenses

2014 Statistics
Average Sunday Attendance 150
Easter Attendance 579
Marriages 1
Baptisms 8
Burials 3
Received by Bishop 1
Church School students enrolled 90
Active Baptized members 623
Communicants in Good Standing 550
Communicants in Good Standing <16 years of age 140
Pledge units 130
Average Pledge $3,599



Expense-TrendsMembership and Attendance Trends 2011-2014Pledge Trends

About 150 parishioners attend one of our three Sunday worship services, which compares favorably with the national Episcopal Church average of between 100 to 150.
Last year we had 130 pledging units. Our financial position has not suffered appreciably due in large measure to parishioners who have increased their pledges.