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Francisco-Fact #160
October 17, 2019

How do I do I hear God speak to me?

This is a question that has perplexed humans for millennia. It's perplexity is probably one of the reasons that people serious about prayer, quit. They do not sense that they are hearing from God. This weekend, Kathy Anderson will help with this frustration by spending more time at our Labyrinth. Labyrinth's are tangible tool's for centering prayer. Their purpose is to help us connect with God so that we might hear. Creating silence and focus are two of means by which humans connect with God.

There are a wide range of Centering Prayer aides and tools by which we can connect. The Labyrinth has been a part of the Western Centering Prayer Tradition at least since the construction of the labyrinth in the Nave of the Chartes Cathedral between 1215 and 1221 AD.

Although our resident expert, Kathy Anderson, will be able to demonstrate the process best, the concept pre-dates specifically Christian prayer and meditation practices. The flowing of the labyrinth, either silently or in prayer, focuses the body, mind and spirit on God. The object of Christian meditation is to have our spirits lifted to the one true God, not self-actualization nor focus on other spirts. Therefore, some guidance in the discipline is helpful and this Sunday, between the services, at 9:00 AM, Kathy will continue her teaching.

In God's presence there are many things that can happen—adoration, awe, fulfilment, and communication. Silence and focus of body, mind, and spirit—the discipline of the Labyrinth are means to be close to God and prepare our spirits for his answers, commands, and comforts.


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